Jeffrey’s services range from exclusive, customized Private Mentoring to weekend HeroPath workshops to Keynote addresses and Parent/Professional education training. Follow the links below to learn more about what he offers, how he offers it and how to engage his services.

Private Mentoring

Jeff currently works with high school, college and young adults and their families across the US and in Europe. Explore if his services are the answer you have been looking for by scheduling a consultation. 2/3rds of Jeff’s clients come to him after conventional interventions like psychotherapy proved ineffective. His specialty is working with bright, thoughtful, sensitive, more intense and seeking teens and young adults.

Fees are $750 to $3500/month.

Parent Consultations

Jeff works with parents who want to draw on his expertise to develop a deeper understanding and more effective strategy for relating to and/or supporting their adolescent son or daughter.

Fees for 2 hours of consulting time are $750


From Parent Ed at schools to Keynote Addresses at conferences To Staff Development for organizations to programs for students Middle through College… From gatherings in a living room to speaking to audiences of a 1000 or more… Jeff has presented on 4 continents to over 60,000 parents, teens and professionals who work with youth.

Jeff is masterful at taking complex topics and presenting them in a way that is understandable, relatable and practical.

“I begin every presentation making two presumptions:

#1: This may be the only time I ever spend with you, so I had better make sure to offer you something to have made it worth your while to have spent your time with me.

#2: The possibility exists that for some one in the room, something I have to offer may be the missing piece they have been searching for that could change the course of their or their kid’s life.. and its happened many times. Therefore I adapt to every group I work with … nothing I do is prescript… no two presentations are exactly the same…”

Media Interviews

Jeff offers timely, thought provoking, often unconventional insights and commentary on many issues relating to youth. From timely quotes on breaking news to in depth interviews to editorials and comprehensive articles, here is a partial list of media where Jeff has appeared:

Group Programs For Adolescents

Jeff offers group programs for schools, summer camps and organizations. He teaches real life real world strategies, skills and concepts that empower youth to rise above distractions, temptations and emotions, to achieve personal and professional success.

Current Group Programs Jeff is running:

  • 8th Grade Boys Mentoring (8 week program focus on Character Development, Commanding Respect and Performing Under Pressure)
  • 8th Grade Girls Mentoring. (8 week program focus on developing Relationship Intelligence and Social Savvy and Self-Confidence
  • High School Seniors: Prepare for Real College Life (6 week program- Focus on how to wildly succeed in college in an era when 34% of incoming Freshman are dropping out within one year)
  • 9th Grade Boys Mentoring (meets monthly in Mill Valley, CA)
  • Clean Communication™ for Teens – Schools and Summer Camps
  • Boys To Mensch® – Summer Camp program for teen boys
  • Summer Camp Counselor In Training Programs

Workshops and Retreats

HeroPath® For older teens (16+) and young adults needing to make Life Direction decisions. This extraordinary weekend workshop has been help on 3 continents with attendees from 17 different countries. Jeff works with a team of exceptionally skilled Coaches to lead you through a process that will lead to breakthroughs in clarity and certainty about where to be going, what to be doing and who to be doing it with.

What Now What Next!™ Jeff’s newest program for adults in their 20s who want guidance making the next transition in their lives, personally or professionally. When you are having career success, but not sure its the career you really want… when you are tired of hooking-up and actually want real lasting connection… when you have “checked all the boxes” gotten your degree, gotten jobs, and yet are still left feeling unsatisfied… What Now What Next is for you.