Evolution Mentoring Effective Help

It’s Challenging To Find Truly Effective Help

Because Too Often Kids Like Yours Are Misunderstood

If your son or daughter feels things more intensely, thinks constantly (often over-thinking), questions many things and/or wants more out of relationships, career or life, it can be very challenging for them to stay positive and balanced in this world.

When they struggle, conventional models are quick to put them in a treatment, but your instinct probably tells you that’s an overreaction… that there is nothing wrong with them.

Often what what they really need is an education in life customized to their needs… They need to learn how to be the kind of person they are in a world that doesn’t make it easy.

That’s what Evolution Mentoring offers.


Evolution Mentoring may be a good fit if the Following Applies to Your Teen:

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    Is your son or daughter prone to “overthinking” things?
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    Can they be their own worst enemy or are they overly sensitive to others opinions and approval?
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    Do they yearn to build deep, trusting relationships but have a difficult time?
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    Are they struggling to stay positive amidst the onslaught of problems in the world?
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    Do they sometimes find it hard to stay motivated at school, questioning the purpose of all the busy work, curriculum, and competition?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you have come to the right place.

Rather than try and change your teen into someone who will more easily fit in, they need to learn how to confidently and courageously be who they truly are in a culture that doesn’t make it easy.

Growth and Learning Instead of Treatment

Imagine what it would feel like to be confident your son or daughter has the maturity and skills to not just survive in the real world but boldly step into their life with a sense of clarity and direction.

Partnering with Evolution Mentoring will help your son or daughter experience dramatic, positive results.

What makes Jeffery Leiken’s Evolution Mentoring Different?

Growing up doesn’t just happen between 9 and 5 which is why Evolution Mentoring is designed for access any time your teen wants to talk.


A Mentor They (and You) Can Trust

Your teen will gain the courage to become who they were meant to be with wisdom from someone who has the unique ability to connect with your teen.

Real Results

Your teen will learn how to use their specific challenges and strengths to become more assertive, capable and sophisticated.

24/7 Access

Instead of waiting until their next 50 minute session with a psychologist, your son or daughter can text or call during a crisis or challenge which allows for in-the-moment learning.

“When I met Jeff at 15, it was not on my terms… my parents made me meet him… I never expected to like him or come back, especially because I was convinced they were the ones with the problem, not me! Looking back on it, bringing Jeff into my life was one of the best gifts my parents ever gave me…. Since meeting Jeff I have become a much more confident and “real”. I’m 23 now and with Jeff’s help, I’ve grown into someone my 15 year old self would look up to… “

— Chloe, New York

“I understand how difficult it is…”

Meet Jeff: World-Class Expert, Author, and Mentor for Teens and Their Parents

Adolescence is full of challenges but it’s especially challenging for more intense teens like yours and as a parent, it can be concerning and frustrating to watch them spiral.

For more than 25 years, I’ve received calls from parents of teens like yours, many who have tried conventional interventions like psychotherapy and did not see the changes they want. In contrast to the conventional thought and practice, when I meet teens, I begin with the presumption there is nothing wrong or broken in them. I believe what they fundamentally need is to learn how to be the kind of person they are in a world that doesn’t make it easy to be this way.

Evolution Mentoring is a Relationship, not a Technique

It’s An Education In Life, Not A Treatment For It.

That’s Why For 25 Years It’s Worked for Countless Teens and Young Adults Around The World… And It Could It Be The Game Changer For Your Son Or Daughter Too.

Over the course of six-months, you’ll see your teen gain confidence, life-skills, and the ability to choose a better direction.

1. Schedule a
Free Consultation

This call is designed for parents to meet with Jeff, ask questions and decide whether or not this is a good fit for your teen.

2. Meet
Jeff Leiken

After you decide to work with Jeff, an introductory meeting will be scheduled with you and your teen in person or over Skype.

3. Build a

Transformation takes time which is why we commit to work together for a minimum of six-months.

4. See Your
Teen Transform

When your teen has the confidence, savvy, and communication tools they need to succeed, their life – and yours – will change for the better.

Investing in Your Son or
Daughter Will Last a Lifetime

While Evolution Mentoring is not for everyone, if you want to see your son or
daughter find true stability, delight in life’s adventures and challenges, and gain
the courage to boldly step into who they were meant to be, then we can help.

Get the book!

A refreshing approach to inspire hope and restore power and sanity to parents and teens.

Based on 50,000 hours of successfully helping teens grow into thriving adults, this book will give parents a window into how Jeff works with teens – from late night Skype calls guiding them through a relationship conflict to midday text exchanges to help them refocus at school to a 90 second phone call with a college student where Jeff asks her the one question that saved her life…

Whether you have a teen who is struggling or you are being proactive, this book is a must read to equip parents to help their teen succeed in complex competitive scholastic and social environments.