Resources and Support Exclusive For Marin Parents and Teens

Three Opportunities Available Immediately For High School & College Students In Marin:

Groups for Teens – In the form of 4 session “micro-courses” on topics like “How to know when to break up with someone and do it right” and “How to easily have difficult conversations” and “How to quickly find the right people to build your social world” or “How to stop taking things personal that aren’t!”

Individual Private Mentoring – Ordinarily this requires a minimum 6 month commitment, but for now this is waived to support people who really need the help immediately but can’t easily make the longer commitment.

FREE Parent Support – Twice a month I will do an open forum for parents to call in with their questions and I will walk through a live, in-time case study

Look in your Inbox for emails offering more details. If you want to discuss working Privately, reach out directly and I will respond immediately – you are my top priority.

Thanks for “tuning in” tonight. I hope this was helpful and look forward to getting to know you.

Every parent is driven by one fundamental question: “Is my kid going to be okay?”

In these tumultuous times of profound uncertainty, our kids still need to grow up and prepare for life’s inevitable challenges…

EvolutionMentoring ® was created to fill an enormous gap in our culture… Instead of Treatment, we offer Growth and Learning:

Most “problems” are resolved when we mature, gain sophistication, learn skills and develop the confidence and character to take action, even when it is not easy.

 To be guided and taught by someone who knows the terrain and is much further down the road.. someone who knows just the right way to teach it the way you need to hear it… through words, actions, example, encouragement, judgement, ruthless compassion or even just being there in the moment to offer truly useful advice.

  • Making key decisions
  • Managing relationships
  • Handling conflict
  • Falling in (and out) of Love
  • Choosing careers
  • Having the Courage to step out of their comfort zone to pursue their dreams
  • Developing self-discipline

These are just some of the things Evolution Mentoring helps teens and young adults to achieve… and often when conventional helps has been ineffective. (2/3rds of my clients come to me AFTER they have tried psychotherapy.)