Read This If You Are In Your Teens Or 20s and Want To Stay On Course

In Spite Of What’s Happening

In spite of the disruption to your life, you need to keep growing, learning, moving towards the life you want.

Three things have always guided humans through crisis:

  • Control where you put your attention
  • Seek possibilities and opportunities
  • Develop unyielding discipline

So For A Limited Time I’m Inviting You To…

Listen and Participate in our “Moving Forward” calls over the next few weeks…

You have two general choices:

  • Listen to the bad news and worry and stress. Dwell on how much this sucks. Miss your friends and activities. Get depressed about staying indoors and/or living back at your parents home when you’d rather be on your own. Stay in dark rooms binging on mindless Netflix or playing countless hours of video games. Share memes in social media with others who are bitching about it with you.


  • Continue growing up… evolving your life… getting ahead… developing the character traits that separate those who win and succeed hugely in life (personally and professionally) from those who settle.

If you want to get support being in this second group, then sign up and join in:

24 years ago I launched this business with the tagline: “Empowering YOUth to Lead Extraordinary Lives”


Since then I’ve traveled millions of miles around the globe, working with tens of thousands of teens and young adults trying to fill in the gap between the outdated schooling model of education that causes stress and does little to prepare you for real life, and the REAL LIFE LEARNING that is needed to actually succeed in REAL LIFE.

Relationships • Career

These calls will cover all sorts of highly relevant life happiness and success topics, often in intricate detail:

  • Want to learn how to easily have difficult conversations
  • Want to understand why “the love drug” will get you to stay in bad relationships and justify stupid decisions?
  • Want to learn how to make excellent decisions for yourself?
  • Want to develop the BOLD Mindset to get yourself to act on these decisions, even when they go against what others think you should do?
  • Want to develop the capacity to stay centered and confident, in spite of disappointments?
  • Want to become masterfully discerning about people, easily able to recognize who to let get close to you and who to stay away from?
  • Want to improve your social skills, able to go from knowing no one to having the friendships and relationships you want?
  • Want to stop taking things personally that aren’t?
  • Want to stop being your own worst enemy (to stop over-thinking everything!!)?
  • Want to build your capacity to manage pressure and stress?

These are the kinds of topics I will discuss. This is:

  • An opportunity to learn extremely thought-provoking valuable content
  • An opportunity to connect with some like-minded peers
  • A framework to keep moving your life forwards in spite of what’s happening

I don’t care if you don’t have your camera on… I don’t care if you don’t speak and only listen… I understand how self-conscious bs inhibits the lives of many people, just as I understand how cynicism and skepticism permeates the reactions of many young people when their parents are told “this will be good for you”..

You’ll gain nothing if you don’t participate.

24 years and 60,000 hours of experience and successful client stories tells me you will learn things here that you didn’t know before or never understood like you will after this… you will get a boost to “being yourself” in a world that doesn’t always make it easy… so you will feel more confident, positive and empowered.

There are going to be three exclusive groups:

  • Group for College Students
  • Groups for High School Students
  • Group for people in their mid-20s

Here’s What To Do Next:

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