The Overwhelming Cost Of Overwhelming Teens

95% of the teens and young adults in our world who are struggling, are not mentally ill and don’t need psychological treatment  even though they are receiving it in record numbers. 

That’s not to say they don’t need help, because they do.

I start from the belief that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM, but there is A LOT WRONG WITH THE SYSTEM AND CULTURE and what is being demanded of them and the extreme pressure it puts them under. 

 Thus, WHAT THEY ARE IS OVERWHELMED AND STRESSED to the point where it is hurting their well-being.

The SOLUTION IS is to equip them with the skills, strategies, mindset, perspective and capacity to manage the things that come their way. It is to help them grow to be mature and sophisticated enough such that these things no longer impede them. I have spent 20 years approaching the work with this population this way and have hundreds of success stories, often seeing enormous results in just a few conversations.

60% of my clients come to me AFTER they have “tried” conventional psychotherapy and not gotten results. 

Talking about how things felt may be comforting, but it does nothing to equip them so that next time they face these challenges, this doesn’t happen.

 Don’t subscribe to the medical/pathological model that wants to tell your kid has Depression or an Anxiety Disorder that needs Treatment. ADDRESS THE CAUSE not the symptoms. 

Here are the most common “Overwhelms” youth are succumbing to:

  • boy-stress-sat-deskOverwhelmed by the volume of school work. 
  • Overwhelmed by the volume of deadlines 
  • Overwhelmed by the immense pressure to compete for what they are warned are scarce opportunities to attend a college that is credible enough to give them social and financial status and success [a bold face arrogant small-minded lie]
  • Overwhelmed by the temptations and distractions of technology and instant gratification entertainment media
  •  Overwhelmed by the demands of keeping up with their social image 
  • Overwhelmed by the demands of keeping up with their social world (the volume of texts and instagram posts and snapchats) 
  • Overwhelmed by details and frustrations of bureaucracies (from college applications to the DMV)

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